A Short Historical Account of our Company

Solfumex, S.A. de C.V, was founded by a group of persons with over thirty years' experience in the manufacture of welding rods and flux to manufacture different welding products.

Since we were aware of the importance of creating a technology of our own within such a complex field as this of welding and welding rods, we started by running a series of tests and analysis to get to know the complex problems poised by welding processes so as to find solutions.

We knew that we were facing a most difficult task since our goal was to achieve technical and financial independence from any other external sources.

Nowadays we are happy to report that we have developed over a hundred formulae and methods to manufacture welding alloys. This is how we have found solutions for practically all problems poised by welding.

At present we supply flux or dry mass to manufacture welding rods to more than thirty countries. We also provide technological advice for the manufacture of welding materials.

We have developed products like Potassium Titanate and Sodium Titanate which are used in the manufacture of welding materials and electrodes.

Our products are top quality and we are constantly striving to improve them. Our research work which started over thirty years ago, has not finished yet; consequently, we continue conducting investigations in our laboratories on the technical performance of our products. We intend to improve them day by day.

The technical data presented here have been organised by the same specialists who started the development of our technology. We have just tried to present the information in a concise, easy to understand format, on the main traits, uses and procedures for the most widely used products that we manufacture.

Those interested to use our products can get thorough advice if they request it from our technical representatives. We are happy to provide this service to all of our clients.

For most users, the information presented here will complement the technical advice and practical demonstrations which they have probably obtained the moment they bought our products. This technical assistance service is part of our sales policy and is directly provided to our clients.