APPLICATION: It can be used with AC and conventional type welding rods like: E 6013, E 6011, E 7018 CA, and also with special welding rods for AC (stainless steel and cast iron).

A high frequency unit can be plugged in to be used in aluminium welding by TIG (GTAW) process.
OPERATION: Welding  rod diameters  1/16" to 1/8" (1.58 mm to 3.175 mm) can be used when this arc welding unit is plugged in to 127 Volts, whereas electrodes 1/16" to 3/16" (1.58 mm to 4.763 mm) can be used when the unit is plugged in to 220 Volts.
This unit has been designed to operate at a work cycle of 20% at nominal current (235 amperes). If you are using a lower value, the work cycle will increase in proportion.
The work cycle is based on a period of ten minutes for all welding units. A 20% work cycle means that you can work at the nominal current for 2 minutes and let the unit cool down for 8 minutes with the fan working non stop.


a) The transformer plates are made out of silicon steel, electric grade, to minimize both, energy loss when idle as well as electric power consumption.
b) Transformer and connector insulation are high quality and specially designed for high working temperatures.
c) AMP lock is set with the handle on the top of the unit.
d) POWER ON indicator on the front part of the unit.
e) Integrated cart with handlebar, two wheels and front stand which make moving the arc welding unit around an extremely easy task.
f) Power breaker for industrial use.


Nominal outlet
20% Working cycle

Current range

Maximum Voltage
Open circuit

Power supply





Actual power

127 V

220 V

235 Amps at 24 Volts AC

Low 50-180
High 65-240

75 Volts AC

29 A

57 A

32.3 cm (12.75")

47.6 cm (18.75")

32.3 cm (12.75")

42 Kg

9 Kw